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The first in 3D immersive architectural experiences

Our process is highly unique and includes an immersive 3D experience. So you can walk through your home, get a feel for it and experience what it will be like – long before the builder ever breaks ground. 

We take your project from initial sketch to a fully immersive 3D walkthrough experience.

Meet the team – anywhere
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Because we use Oculus and our proprietary blend of software, we can meet you wherever you are. We've incorporated immersive 3D design into our process, so there are no added costs – just the added bonus of experiencing your home before the bulldozers arrive.

How it works

Our design process isn't computer screen to computer screen. It's experiential. We create a full 3D rendering of your project, create your avatar and meet you in your home design. There, we can talk through how it's feeling, make adjustments and ensure your project is on track.

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Our Vr events

We've demonstrated our immersive 3D approach at events in VR studios and at fundraising events. If you'd like to see more, contact usWe can show you other JMAD homes we've designed.

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