We believe in a total team approach

With over 40 years of experience, our team puts its heart and soul into every project we design. We are with you step by step throughout the process, from initial discussion to final construction. We are prepared to work with you in any form you need - in person, via Zoom, or in Virtual Reality. Our founder James McNeal is NCARB certified and a Registered Architect in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona and Florida.

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Keys of Service


Our promise to you.


We’ve done this before, but you might be new to the process.  It can be a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. We’ll be by your side for the whole ride.


We will listen to all of your ideas, looking for ways to incorporate them as we create the design intent together.


We’ll use imagination, skills and our talents in working with you to realize your dreams and design intent.


Your time is valuable, so we’ll use appropriate technology to ensure timely responses and updates.


Keys of Design


Our promise to the design intent of your project.

Health, Safety and Welfare

The well-being of a building’s occupants is always our top priority.

Design Intent

We will regularly refer back to the intent of the client and project to ensure those goals guide our work.


Using innovative techniques, visionary imagination and the specific geography of the site, we will design a unique building that can only exist for you.


With state of the art technology we’ll present your project with clarity, from initial renderings to construction documents, in ways that can be understood by all.


"Jim took a personal stake in our home, as if he was building the home for himself. He was an advocate of the design throughout the build process.I highly recommend Jim to anyone designing a home."




James McNeal

"Creativity oozes out of his fingertips." 

James is owner and Principal Architect with 41 years of experience in residential and commercial architecture. He is well known for his captivating ability to draw works of art in front of his clients in three dimensions - most of the time during a meeting taking place. This gives him the advantage to clearly communicate what the spaces and exterior design will look like before the beginning design phases are complete. He is an active participant in the whole design process from beginning to end. 

James is a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), is licensed in MN, WI, CO, FL and AZ and is NCARB Certified.



Angela Liesmaki-DeCoux

Angela Liesmaki is a design professional with more than nine years of experience in commercial and residential architecture. Having worked on a variety of projects types ranging from office remodels, to custom homes, to international airports, she is captivated by inspirational, impactful and creative design. She thoroughly enjoys the process and collaborating with clients and team members to create a well-conceived design that expresses each client’s personality, fulfills their aspirations and enhances their daily lives.

Angela completed her undergraduate studies at St. Olaf College with a double major in Mathematics and Studio Art, and received her Master's in Architecture at the University of Minnesota College of Design. Her skills include conceptual design, visualization, hand drawing, 3D computer modeling and rendering.

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Robert Hull

Robert is a design professional with backgrounds in both design and construction of custom residential homes of a wide variety of styles. He specializes in working in 3D for all aspects of the design phase, from the initial schematic design through the smallest details. Being able to virtually walk through the project before it is a reality helps clients to visualize their buildings inside and out from the outset of a project in a way that 2D drawings cannot. He also has a strong background in design, drafting, and architectural visualization/rendering. 

Robert has received a Bachelor of Architecture degree for his undergraduate education and a Master of Architecture degree for his graduate education, both from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. He is a native Minnesotan.


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Paul has worked in the architectural world, with much of his 30-year knowledge base derived from working at Taliesin Architects. Working side by side with one of the original apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul worked on homes that were based on the concepts of organic architecture, where design was in harmony with humanity and with nature. Paul's education started in architectural drafting and estimating and he has a bachelor’s degree in interior design. 


PauI's hobbies include trail running, boxing and coaching his son’s mountain biking team. Paul also has a passion for learning language, especially Español!




Marty Fossen

Marty heads up “constructability” on the JMAD roster, joining the team with decades of on-site experience, supervising the building and remodeling of beautifully designed, highly crafted homes as well as his degree from the Carlson School and studies at St. Thomas in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


“I’ve always been inspired to help bring these beautiful home designs into reality.” Marty says. That inspiration arises from an innate sense of design: the aesthetics, ergonomics and feel of the place.


At JMAD, this broad array of talent and extensive process knowledge is brought further forward into the planning and engineering of your home design. Communication is key in the building process and Marty is key to facilitating it. Interesting career note: Marty taught English in Japan for three years.





Lori is based in Minnesota and has an associate’s degree in architectural drafting and design, with experience in residential and light commercial projects. With her technical documentation background and an interest in incorporating the latest visualization technology into practice, she strives to provide clients the ability to ‘see and feel’ their project throughout the design process and provide the information needed for the contractor to bring that design to life. 


“When the combination of functionality, good proportions, strong details and enduring materials are married harmoniously with the land...that is great architecture.” Lori says. And that is the inspiration behind Lori’s twenty-four year career in residential design.




Jeff Hatfield

Jeff lives in Seattle, WA and has an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Drafting and Illustration. Jeff has been working in the architectural field since the mid 1980s and has considerable flare for incorporating old school graphic presentation and illustrating techniques into his construction document preparation as well as his architectural illustration work.

Jeff enjoys playing music as a musician and loves camping and fishing and being in the outdoors. His passion for art and precision as well as conviction has proven to be a real asset to our company’s integrity and reputation.


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Pamela Cariveau

Pam is an expert in material sourcing with a vast knowledge of material cost, care and longevity, so the beautiful materials are not only functional but are suited to client budget and lifestyle.


Collaborative in nature with extensive experience in all disciplines of design, it's in Pam's nature to work closely with clients, architectural team, builder and artisans and craftsmen to turn plans into reality. From furniture to furnishings, Pam collaborates closes from early beginning to final – and beautiful – completion.


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JMAD is a family business, and nowhere is that more clear than with Jim's sister Sher!  Sher McNeal is the business manager for JMAD which includes finances, bookkeeping, human resources and other office administrative functions. She has an extensive background in corporate business with an MBA from Colorado University and an MA in Social Psychology from Loyola University, Chicago. In addition to her position with JMAD, Sher runs a hypnotherapy business, is a minister (doing weddings and memorials) and loves to spend time with her two Cavalier King Charles dogs. She loves the challenges of house projects, which present themselves year round with our Minnesota climate.