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We believe in a total team approach

With more than 40 years of experience, our team puts its heart and soul into every project we design. We are with you step by step throughout the process, from initial discussion to final construction and one of few firms to provide you and your builder with detailed drawings and communication to ensure our shared vision is built right. 


We work with you in any form you need – in person, via Zoom or immersive VR. We have on staff interior designers, or can work with someone you choose. Our founder is NCARB certified and a Registered Architect in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, Montana and Florida.

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Keys of Service


Our promise to you.


We’ve done this before, but you might be new to the process.  It can be a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. We’ll be by your side for the whole ride.


We will listen to all of your ideas, looking for ways to incorporate them as we create the design intent together.


We’ll use imagination, skills and our talents in working with you to realize your dreams and design intent.


Your time is valuable, so we’ll use appropriate technology to ensure timely responses and updates.


Keys of Design


Our promise to the design intent of your project.

Health, Safety and Welfare

The well-being of a building’s occupants is always our top priority.

Design Intent

We will regularly refer back to the intent of the client and project to ensure those goals guide our work.


Using innovative techniques, visionary imagination and the specific geography of the site, we will design a unique building that can only exist for you.


With state of the art technology we’ll present your project with clarity, from initial renderings to construction documents, in ways that can be understood by all.


"Jim took a personal stake in our home, as if he was building the home for himself. He was an advocate of the design throughout the build process.I highly recommend Jim to anyone designing a home."

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