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Modern European

Situated on a large, private lot with wooded areas and water views called for a home that would embrace the land. In our Modern European home, we wanted to capture the beautiful views of the setting. Architecturally, the sequence and the volume changes of the individual spaces make it more interesting as you approach the house and walk through it. The resulting Modern European home, with a nod to traditional English Tudor homes, does just that. It has the massing of an English Tudor, the steep roofs and that stately feel, but it’s stripped down from other details like timber framing and other ornamentation. Large black metal windows, some stretching almost floor to ceiling, frame verdant views of nature. Many of the rooms have separate entrances to outdoor balconies, terraces, and patios. It’s almost like the windows, and views out them, become art. The home also includes a separate bedroom for the family’s Porsche.

Awards & Articles

Architectural Design: James McNeal, Angela Liesmaki-DeCoux 

Builder: Hendel Homes 

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