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Huntington Manor Featured in Star Tribune

""Game of Thrones" and steampunk style were influences for this newly constructed stone-and-steel fortress."

The Star Tribune recently paid a visit to Huntington Manor, one of our latest projects, to explore the "Game of Thrones" and steampunk influences.

From the Star Tribune:

“We wanted to create art,” said McNeal.

McNeal’s vision for the home was a modern take on a castle.

“It’s a glass box inside a stone house,” he said, with floor-to-ceiling windows inside a Richardsonian-inspired limestone shell. “I was trying to play with the modern feel of a glass home with an open plan and lots of light."

There’s also a “steampunk twist,” said McNeal, custom features that integrate old and modern technologies, such as the massive high-tech TV with a steel door operated by a pulley and hand crank. “I have a passion for science-fiction movies,” he said.


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