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Tudor Kitchen Remodel

Located on Lake of the Isles, our clients’ Tudor style home was built in the early 1900s. So the kitchen and back areas of the home were servants quarters. The owners wanted to update the spaces so they were harmonious with the architectural style of the rest of the home and a pleasant place to be used by today’s family. To ensure the same quality as the rest of the home, we used some of the same aesthetics and details as the common areas, redesigning the volume of space to be conducive for today. 


The preexisting layout used geometric forms, so we followed suit and created a kitchen that maintained the geometric feeling, opening it up to be more modern and usable. The massing used to create the geometric shape is thick yet functional, so you’re walking through the cabinetry as you enter the room.

Architectural Design: James McNeal

Builder: Streeter & Associates

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